Publications Nowell’s comprehensive work on the P11 is called Painters Eleven: The Wild Ones of Canadian Art and was published in 2010. It features a chapter on each member, which includes biographical information and high quality images of P11 work.  The book also includes chapters about the formation of the group and their most significant accomplishments. This is a must read for anyone interested in the P11.

61qH2ASPmeL Nowell’s most recent book about the art of Harold Town was published in 2014. This book is physically smaller than The Wild Ones, but features high quality images and surveys Town’s life work.

HT Nowell’s candid biography of Harold Town is from 1992. It contains Intimate revelations of Town’s personality and his relationship with Nowell. It is filled with anecdotes about Harold and the company he kept. The book provides an interesting insight into the personal activity behind Harold’s various art series and his reactions to criticisms of his work. You can find used copies online by searching Amazon and ABE Books.

hb    1986 book by David Burnett on the career of Harold Town. Lots of essays and images of Town’s work. Roughly half the art is presented in black & white, which does not convey the essence of some of Town’s work. It is well written and has some work not found in other books about Town.

town cover     2015 book from Black Dog Publishing. Released for touring exhibition with same name, Jock MacDonald: Evolving Form. Features lots of high resolution images of MacDonald’s work, spanning his whole career. Essays and biographical information provide insight into MacDonald’s oeuvre.

JM    Comprehensive 2014 release from the National Art Gallery of Canada for the major Jack Bush exhibition.


Harold Town Drawings is a 1969 out of print book from Mclelland and Stewart. It can be difficult to find. Try Ebay. It features a large collection of Town’s drawings, including Enigmas, Queen Elizabeth, horses, abstractions, and expressions. Most images are black and grey, but there are a few colour drawings. The work range from apparent doodles to compositions with intricate details.

HTD    1999 biography of William Ronald, written by Robert J. Belton.  Very well researched and contains a comprehensive list of Ronald’s exhibition history. Also contains a black and white image of Ronald’s earliest known painting from when he was sixteen.

WRTOTS    Margaret Rodger‘s 1995 publication from ECW Press about the life and art of Alexandra Luke (a.k.a. Margaret McLaughlin). Order it from ECW Press here.

LocatingAlex   2015 ebook about Oscar Cahen by Dr. Jaleen Grove.  This is a free pdf download that features lots of images and good information. It can also be viewed as a website.

OC book cover     2014 ebook about Harold Town by Greta Moray.  This is a free pdf download that features lots of images and good information. It can also be viewed as a website.

HT GM   2016 ebook about Jock MacDonald by Joyce Zemans.  This is a free pdf download that features lots of images and good information. It can also be viewed as a website.




   William Ronald:  Central Image Paintings was published in 2010 by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery for an exhibition.  Although it is sold in their gift shop, it is not listed on their website.  The book contains 19 plates, and a biographical essay with images of a young Ronald. It focuses on a 1955-62 series of paintings that feature an attention grabbing image in the centre of the work.

WR     Ray Mead, The Anthropomorphic Gesture is a Masters thesis by Christopher Lee Bayes from 2007. He gives Mead’s work a theoretical treatment of modern and post-modern ideologies and  attempts to document Mead’s development as an artist. Contains black and grey reproductions of Mead work.



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