Collection of works by some Painters Eleven members from Art Bank Canada. Full info and high res pics available.    Archived images from the London Ontario Modern Arts Gallery.  Great collection, with works from all members, on a wide variety of mediums.    This is the search page for the Robert McLaughlin Gallery collection. Search for “Painters Eleven” in the keywords field, and it will produce an extensive list of work, many of which feature high resolution images and detailed info.     In affiliation with the Cahen Archives, this website features an extensive collection of images of Oscar Cahen’s illustrative work.    The Oscar Cahen Archives website features many images of the artist and his work.      Online Harold Town biography by Greta Moray. Features lots of high resolution images of Town, his work, and magazine articles. Electronic version of exhibition (Mar 2016) catalogue of Harold Town’s SAPs and SNAPs at Wallace Gallery. Website dedicated to Ray Mead. Contains a gallery of Mead’s work.    Canadian Art Group inventory page with very good images of P11 work with details about paintings and info on the artist.      Pinterest page dedicated to images of William Ronald. Excellent photos of the artist and his work.    Dalhousie Art Gallery Collection of Harold Town art. Features many drawings.    University of Lethbridge Art Gallery Collection of Harold Town art.      Online art collector store. Often features work by P11, notably Harold Town. Click on a preview image to learn more about the work and to see details of the art.     Collection of images of Harold Town paintings from P11 60th Anniversary exhibition, Oct 2013, by Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON. Scroll to the bottom for more links to other Town works.     Images of work by William Ronald and Alexandra Luke from the Tom Thomson Gallery 2014 exhibit.     Tom Hodgson work at Artophile, art investment store. Handful of Kazuo Nakamura paintings. They are low resolution, but it’s a nice selection. Short bio about Jack Bush, and a small but nice collection of images his work from 40s-70s.



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