Galleries, Museums, and Archives Website for the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. This gallery was built with the support of Alexandra Luke and her family, the McLaughlins. It boasts the largest collection of P11 work in Canada. At any given time, they have at least one work by each member of the P11 on display. Website for the Cahen archives, which is located in Toronto. Extensive website with biographical information on Oscar Cahen and images of his work. Oscar’s son, Michael, started the archives to preserve, promote and document his father’s work. This is not a gallery or museum with regular visitation hours. The archives shares the building with other offices and is intended for research purposes. Website for the Christopher Cutts Gallery in Toronto. Chris opened the gallery in 1986. This is a significant gallery in the history of the P11 as Chris knew a few of artists personally and had a Ray Mead exhibit while the artist was still alive. There have been many P11 focused shows here and there will be more to come. The website features images of P11 work.

MacLaren Art Centre This gallery is located in Barrie, Ontario – the last home of William Ronald. The link has a gallery of high-res images of P11 work, but mostly Ronald. Website for the Barbara Edwards Contemporary galleries. There are locations in Toronto and Calgary. This gallery has featured an extensive collection of Ray Mead works and organized a lecture in 2014 about the artist that included an interview of Ray’s widow. The gallery’s website features images of Mead’s work.



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