Painters 11 were a group of abstract artists active in Canada (specifically Ontario) during the 1950s. The cultural and historic importance of these artists and their work is undeniable though they still remain relatively unknown. This site attempts to collect information about P11 as well as provide documentation of recent and current exhibits in a series of photographs and writing that will be updated on a regular basis. All photos on this site were taken by site operators (except where mentioned) and, when possible, permission has been obtained from the estate and/or gallery to be shared on this site. In many cases this is the only documentation of these art objects on the internet.

Basic information about the members of P11 can be found at the following sites:


This site is maintained and operated by Daniel Farr and David Payne. Both are art enthusiasts residing in Hamilton, Ontario. Both possess Master’s Degrees in Philosophy from McMaster University. Both perform in the experimental and improvisational band Fossils.

Please enjoy photographs of artwork by Farr here:
View artwork by Payne here:

Please contact us by email via painters11abstract@gmail.com

If you have any additional information about  members of P11, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Follow us on Twitter @painters_eleven


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